miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008


REQUIREMENT OF THE EUROPEAN UNION: Abolish the NO PASSING (AVATON) of Mount Athos Resolution (A5-0281/2003) of the European Parliament with regard tothe situation of fundamental rights in the European Union. Article 86. -Calls from the Greek government to abolish criminalprovisions contained in Article 43b of the Legislative Decree2623/1953/ A- 268, which provide for prison sentences of two to twelvemonths for the women that violate the no passing (avaton) of the HolyMountain (Athos). It repeats his demand for lifting of prohibition ofentry of women in Mouth Athos and it points out that this prohibitionconstitu tes violation of beginning and international conventions onthe equality of two sexes and not the imposition of discriminationwith base sex of also provisions on the free circulation of personsthat is included in the Greek constitution and the Community right.

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