lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

St. Gregory's Abbey

St. Gregory's Abbey of Three Rivers, Michigan, is a monastery in the Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. which follows the Rule of St. Benedict. We try to be faithful to the basic teaching of the Rule while seeking to discern how it should be applied in our time and place. The fundamental inspiration of the Rule, to which St. Benedict constantly directs the monk's attention, is the Bible. In this case study, I shall present historical background to St. Benedict, and to St. Gregory's Abbey in particular. I shall also outline the most important teachings developed in St. Benedict's Rule and in the Benedictine tradition of 1500 years. I discuss these teachings with the conviction that they are valuable Christian teaching for anyone in the church and not just for monks. However, it is not enough for monastic ideals to be read about in books and preached from the pulpit. For that reason, Benedictine teaching needs living communities dedicated to the struggle of living up to its ideals in order to make them vital for the Church as a whole. (Pulsar sobre foto)

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